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Color Clock

When I worked towards my Master's Degree in Software Engineering, I took a Software Testing class. The term project of the class required the student to run tests on the source code of a program. Due to time issues I had at the time, I decided upon the cost-cutting move of coding the program myself. The program and respective project was completed and delivered in around a week.

The program, more specifically, was a sort of Color 'Clock'. The main functionality had the user input a specific time; the Color Clock then converted the time into a palette that described the input time. The Color Clock also had several options in the menu that adapted the functionality of the program or changed the language between English and Spanish. The program itself was written in Lua.

The program starts in English but can switch completely to Spanish.

Please note that the program has a pre-compiled Lua 5.1 interpreter included and is meant to be run from the command line.