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Intensive Java and MySQL

At one time, TEKBasic Technologies wanted me to join their training program. Because I lived in Puerto Rico while TEKBasic Technologies was located in New Jersey, United States of America, I had to do the 1st week of training online, where afterwards I would be considered if I would graduate to the full training program.

The material, which came from SummitWorks, was an intensive course on Java, MySQL, and communications between both. Every day, I got several assignments. Though I was allowed to submit the assignments at the end of the week, I instead submitted the assignments before the next class every day. Topics included abstract classes, exceptions, programs reading from text files, and multithreading. The programs used were Eclipse and MySQL Workbench. However, the lesson on JDBC was a seminar without any homework.

I managed to pass the 1st week, but the lack of resources that would have supported a move to New Jersey combined with the last-minute notice meant that I had to cancel the training at that moment.

All exercises were done in English.